Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater

Everyone loves a bit of cheese, and what better way to grate your cheese than with a model which features the holy image of Jesus Christ himself? Of course the obvious question we have to ask is whether or not a Jesus branded grater is really the ideal way to cut the cheese? All jokes aside, the Cheesus Christ cheese grater is a novelty gift for those people who can appreciate a bit of religious humor. So is this grater a simply gift to laugh at and then discard in the bin, or is it actually good enough to use on a daily basis? Let’s take a look to find out.

A closer look

Cheesus Christ grater in packagingWith a price of around $12, this model is actually somewhat competitively priced compared to similar hand held graters. It comes in a very simply cardboard wrap, which features a cheeky “Our Grate Lord” play on words on the front. Taking it out of the packaging, we can see that it has a length of roughly 24cm. The handle itself takes up around half the length, and the grater head has dimensions of 12cm x 6cm. At the base of the handle is a hanging hook for easy storage. The grater holes are a medium size, which is what the majority of the hand held graters come with. The holes are missing from the facial area of Jesus, but this does not seem to affect the performance at all. These work well enough to shred a decent amount of cheese without too much effort. The handle is large enough to give you a comfortable grip when doing this, and the large grater head ensures you don’t need too much time going back and forth to grate your cheese.

Cheesus Christ grater overviewOverall the grater feels fairly well made, and it seems to hold up quite well when it is in use, with no obvious flexing or bending which is so common among cheaper models. Harder cheeses are quite easy to grate, whilst softer cheese are a bit trickier. This is not really down to the design, as all cheese graters struggle with soft cheeses. A handy tip is to freeze the cheers beforehand, or even microwave it for a few second prior to grating to remove the moisture. Once you have finished grating, the head is quite easy to clean using a scourer or brush. While we can’t comment on how long the image of Jesus will hold up to use, the stainless steel grater head certainly seems up to the task. There is of course no mention of any kind of warranty with this grater, but if you are only spending $8 on it then it might be a little optimistic to get one!


Now back to our original question – is this simply a novelty item intended for display, or does it actually work well as a cheese grater? The answer is yes – it does work quite well as a grater. It seems to have a decent build quality, and is certainly worth using on a daily basis. It is quite rare to see a novelty item which works as intended, so if you intend to give this as a gift, at least you know the receiver may get some use out of it.
If you want to buy the Cheesus Christ grater or get more info on it, you will find it for sale over on Amazon. At $12 it is a bit of a steal, but don’t mention that to Jesus as he may not be too pleased!

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