Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless Shower Curtains

For decades, shower curtains with hooks have been the only choice when it came to furnishing your shower area. This always made an awkward experience when it came time to remove them for washing, as the process of unhooking them was rather cumbersome. There was also the added annoyance of the hooks clipping over each other when pulling the curtain backwards or forwards, which was another drawback to these kinds of curtains. Now however you can get hookless shower curtains, which aim to solve these issues. With these new style curtains now being very affordable, are they a better choice than the traditional alternative? More on that below. We are also going to take a look at some of the most highly rated models for sale which you can skip to over here.

Why are hookless curtains better?

With some of the cheaper hookless style shower curtains now costing under $20, it only seems fair that these kinds of models deserve more careful consideration. So we know they are meant to be easier to install, and the hooks don’t get caught up. But the big question is how do you actually get the holes in the shower curtain to connect over the shower rod? From a distance, it looks like the rings on the shower curtain are completely sealed, so most peoples first impressions are that the shower rod must somehow be removed so you can slide it through the rings. However upon closer inspection, you will see that between every second set of rings the area is not completely sealed. This means you can simply push through every second set of rings straight through the shower rod. This is otherwise know as the Flex-On system. If you aren’t quite sure what we mean, have a look at the photo below this.

Upon closer viewing you can see a slit which runs from the middle of each ring all the way through the curtain. Once the curtain has been pushed over the rod, this slit will close back up, which gives it a fairly flush look. This makes it very quick and easy to remove for cleaning, and the other advantage is that you don’t need to worry about ever replacing broken shower hooks.
So what are the disadvantages? The only real downside we can see are that there aren’t as many designs available on the market of the hookless types, whereas there are hundreds of different traditional style shower curtain designs. This means you are a little limited for variety when choosing these kinds of curtains, but if you are looking for a simple or classic design then the odds are you will find a suitable hookless kind quite easily.
Now let’s move onto some of the better curtains you will currently find for sale.

Recommended – Hookless PEVA Curtain

If you are after a no frills value curtain, then the RBH14HH07 curtain will certainly interest you. With a retail price of under $20, this curtain is definitely great value for money. It is a 100% PEVA curtain, and comes with the trademark Flex-On rings. There is a vinyl see through section, which allows light to come through the curtain whilst still protecting your modesty. It is a pastel blue color, which should work quite well in most bathrooms. There is no liner built into this one, but that is to be expected due to the low price.
If you are looking for something basic that still looks decent, this one fits that description. You can find out more about and check the current price over at Amazon.

Recommended – Hookless Shower Curtain With Snap Liner

If you are looking for something that is a fair bit better than the value model, the RBH40ES305 curtain with liner is one option. This model retails for under $30, and is a 100% fabric Polyester curtain. It comes in a white & brown color combo, which provides a simple but elegant look. It also features a snap on liner, which you can quickly swap out for easy cleaning. The liner that comes with is 100% PEVA plastic and a little on the light side, but it will do the job. However you can replace it with a Hookless branded fabric liner instead, which gives it more of an upmarket feel. If this interests you then you should consider the RBH40BBS01 Snap-In Fabric Liner, which you can find for sale on Amazon for around $15 or so.
Like the more affordable RBH14HH07 curtain above, this model has the patented Flex-On rings with the window to let light in. However the rings on this one feature a classy chrome finish, which gives it a much more luxurious finish.
With a 4.5 star user rating on Amazon at the time of writing, this curtain certainly seems like a great choice. You can read some of those many user reviews and see some of the many other color choices over on the Amazon product page.


So that is a look at why these curtains are a good choice, and a worthy replacement for traditional shower curtains. We’ve also taken a look at two of the most popular models, to give you an idea what you can expect to get for your money. As usual we recommend reading some user reviews first, though the two we have linked above both have very good user ratings.  Hopefully this article has given you an idea what to look for, and will help you find the ideal hookless style curtain for your shower!

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