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There are many different reasons people decide to invest in a Tantra chair. Some people are looking to spice things up a bit in their bedroom, whilst others are simply looking for something that will give you a bit more flexibility.  These kinds of chairs can definitely help achieve these goals, and more!

In this post we are going to have a look at the officially branded chair, a uniquely styled erotic chair, and finally taking a look at one of the much cheaper Tantra clone models that has popped up on the market. Which one will be ideal for you? That is up to you to decide! Read on to have a look at the various options available.

The Tantra Chair

Tantra Chair (beet color)To start things off we are going to have a look at the official Tantra chaise unit. This is the model that really put this kind of furniture in the spotlight, and still sells very well today. It comes in a big variety of different color shades including espresso, ebony, sunflower, linen, beet (pictured), adobe, bermuda, napa, berry and wine. All of these models have the option of coming with or without a nailhead finish at the bottom of either pewter or brass. You can see this pewter nailhead finish in the picture to the left, which is just above the feet.

It is covered in a synthesized leather, which feels cool and smooth to the touch. This material is stain resistant, and is anti-microbial to ensure the best experience each time you use it. Beneath this is a high density foam, which delivers great support whilst still retaining user comfort. The supported weight of the unit is a respectable 250kgs or 550lbs, and it has dimensions of 74″L x 29″H x 16.5″ D. So it certainly looks quite promising, but there is one downside we cannot ignore, which is the price tag. This is a rather hefty $1299 at the time of writing, which is quite a sum to pay.

However, it is worth mentioning that this product is entirely manufactured in the USA, using products that are all locally sourced. This is definitely a big plus in our books, and the quality of the workmanship really shows here. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the structure of the chair.
With these two factors in mind, the price seems a bit more tolerable. If you are looking for the cream of the crop, then it seems like the original is hard to beat. You can find out more about it on the official website.

The Adela Chair

Adela ChairNow it’s time to look at something a bit more unique – the Adela sex chair. Now with the other two models you can pass off as “yoga chairs” to visitors or relatives, but with this one it will be quite hard to pass it off as something else unfortunately! This chair has a very primal look to it, and there is certainly no denying it has quite a distinctive look. It comes in color choices of black with black leather (pictured), white with red leather, silver with black leather, and red with black leather.

From what I can tell this chair doesn’t quite give you the amount of freedom and positions that a kama sutra chaise would give you, but perhaps someone with a more *creative* mind would think differently. Sadly these chairs were made in limited numbers, so finding one for sale is quite tricky. Still, we thought it was worth mentioning as it is quite different from the other two choices.

US Pride Furniture Yoga Chair

US Pride Furniture Yoga ChairIf the price of the official Tantra chair is out of your budget, then perhaps you might want to look at the US Pride Furniture Chaise. This model retails for a much more enticing $199, which is a mere fraction of the cost of the original. There is also the option of buying the Deluxe model, which features two removable cushions for $239. One cushion sits over the hump on the taller end, whilst the other cushions fits into the concave section in the middle of the chaise. These chairs comes in a variety of colors including black, chocolate (pictured), dark brown, dark chocolate, dark red, gray, green, and orange.

It looks quite similar to the official Tantra sofa model, although a closer look shows that the height of the lower hump of the chair is slightly lower.The dimensions of the chair are also a bit shorter and not as wide, with dimensions of 67″L x 29″H x 14″W. It is made out of a similar kind of faux leather, which claims to be stain and water resistant. Beneath that is 3″ of pvc foam, which provides a comfortable enough seated or lying down experience. There is no mention of how much weight it will support, but we have read that it will comfortably support up to 200kg or 440lbs. There is also no mention of what kind of warranty it comes with unfortunately.

However, with such a low price, you can quite easily buy 5 of the deluxe models, or even 6 of the ordinary models before you end up spending as much as you would on the official Tantra chaise! With a variety of good user reviews, the US Pride Furniture Yoga Chair certainly seems like a good budget alternative to the real thing. You can find out more about it and read some of those many happy user reviews on the Amazon page.


That is a look at some of the different choices you have when looking for these kama sutra chaise. Of course the original Tantra chair would be our top pick, but it does leave a big hole in your wallet. The Adela chair is certainly an interesting alternative, but it is also quite hard to get hold of, and you are a little limited in terms of positions. That leaves us with the US Pride Furniture Chaise & Yoga Chair. With such a cheap retail price and a variety of good user reviews, this one seems to be the best choice available without spending a small fortune. We recommend you check this one out, and see if it will suit your needs.

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