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Vicks Starry Night Humidifier – Captivating Relief

Humidifiers are a popular item for children, and there are a variety of different models aimed specifically for this section of the market. One such item is the Vicks Starry Night Humidifier which we are going to look at today. This is a very popular humidifier for small kids, but how well does it actually work?
Lets take a look at this below.

Product Features

The Vicks Starry Night models comes in three different color choices including blue (pictured to the left), green and purple. All three color options look quite nice, and it is hard to choose between them. Of course the color of the humidifier is not the main selling point here, but rather the starry lights feature built into the top of it. This feature projects a series of stars and planets onto the roof of the room which should help to get your child to sleep. These change color over time which is nice, and that feature is quite a good selling point in our eyes.

Should you wish to use the humidifier for yourself, then the lights can be turned off altogether. Or if you want to use the lights without the humidifier then that is also possible too. Another feature worth mentioning is the heating pad, so if you want to use any kinds of scents then you can easily do this by purchasing the pads that fit into this machine.

This Vicks v3700 model uses filters, and each one should be changed every month (according to the user manual). The cost of new filters are around $15 for two, so you are looking at running costs of around $7.50 a month to keep this machine in top working shape. You can clean and dry the filters yourself to prolong their life span, and save a bit of cash this way.

Design and Operation

The water tank on this model holds a gallon of water. Filling it is done by lifting the tank off and turning it upside down, then unscrewing the cap. Operating the Vicks Starry Night cool mist humidifier is very simple, and the dial on the left side controls the lights, while the dial on the right controls the humidity setting. You have two speed settings to use including High and Sleep mode. Sleep mode puts out a lower volume of water vapor at the cost of running quieter. When it is in Sleep Mode the noise emitted is nearly silent, while High Mode sounds almost like a fan on a low to medium setting.

The amount of water vapor emitted is dependent on the current humidity of the room, so this model is more or less self regulating. On average though you should get around 9 hours out of a full tank on the High setting, and about 24 hours of usage on the Silent Mode. When these dials are in use the dial area is lit up. For anyone that needs to sleep in complete darkness this could be a little annoying, but a little electrical tape is an easy fix for this. Aside from that there isn’t a whole lot more to talk about on this particular model. It is your average everyday humidifier with a built in lighting feature, which does help to set it apart a little from the competition. With a retail price of around $55, it is a little on the expensive side. However, the lighting feature alone should make bed time a little more relaxing for younger kids, so this is certainly a good selling point


  • Nice modern design
  • Starry night feature works really well
  • Built in scent pad
  • Sleep mode is fairly quiet


  • Little pricey
  • Dials light up when in use


The Vicks Starry Night humidifier is a decent choice if you have a young child. It works well enough, and the built in lights feature is a unique selling point. It is a little pricey, but providing a hassle free night of sleep for your child might well be worth that extra cost. You can see more info on the Amazon page.  


2021 Update:

Since this review is a few years old, we decided to take another look at this model to see if there have been any updates or changes. The first thing we have noticed is that it looks like Vicks is no longer selling the green and purple models, and only offering the blue variant for sale. As this product has been on sale for a few years now, it is likely that the blue variant was the best seller among the three. This is likely why the other models have been discontinued, in order to save on long term manufacturing costs.

Also worth mentioning is that the price of the Vicks V3700 humidifier is more or less the same. In the initial article we mentioned that it was a little pricey, but keeping the price the same despite inflation certainly now makes this model a bit more appealing.

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