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Aloha Breeze Tower Fan – Cheap Cooling

Now that the summer heat is in full swing in many parts of the United States, there is the usual demand for ways to get some relief. With air conditioners being on the pricier end of the scale, and in many cases overkill, we look towards other options to cool us down. The most obvious choice for many people is a fan, as this provides a quick and easy solution to this particular problem.

A model that can be moved about quite easily is handy to have, and one that doesn’t take up a large amount of space is also an important factor. One particular model that ticks these boxes is the Aloha Breeze Tower Fan, which is what we are going to look at in this article. Can this fan provide you with a cheap and easy means to keep you cool? More on that below.

Is Aloha A Reliable Brand?

Aloha company logoAloha is not exactly very well known as a company, so is this a brand you can rely on? Unfortunately we have yet to come up with a conclusive answer to this. There is no company website, or any history available about this company at all. As far as we can tell the company operates under “Aloha Housewares Inc“, which is based in Arlington, Texas. How long they have been operational is anyone’s guess, and it looks like this company imports goods from China, then re-brands them and sells them under the Aloha product name.

We aren’t big fans of Chinese branded goods, so in most cases this would put some doubts in our mind. However, having read quite a few reviews of their products, it seems like their craftsmanship and reliability is somewhat respectable. We say “somewhat”, as there are a fair amount of good reviews, mixed in with some bad ones. For a value orientated brand this seems quite normal, and in our opinion it is no more risky to buy this brand than any other budget brand.

A closer look at the 82001 Aloha Breeze Fan

Aloha Breeze 82001 Tower FanAlthough it was phased out almost two years ago, the 82001 fan can still be found for sale in some places. With a retail price that was around $39.99, this model has dropped significantly in price now that it has been discontinued. This makes it good value for money, assuming you can still find it for sale! So what do you get when you buy this model?

Size And Design

Let’s start off by talking about the dimensions of the unit. The fan is 30″ high, 10.5″ wide, and 8″ deep. The height is similar to competing models, but the base is quite large and bulky. Considering this model is at least ten years old, this was a typical design choice for models of this era. Compared to newer models it does look quite dated, and the large base does not necessarily help with stability that much.

This model is beige in color, which looks quite dreary today compared to some of the shiny and modern black and silver designs that are so popular on the market right now. Again this is a typical color choice for appliances at the time it first came out, but seems very drab and uninspired compared to some of the newer options available today.


Aloha 82001 Remote ControlMoving on from the design, we take a look at some of the features it has. This Aloha Breeze floor fan has a handy carry handle on the rear, which makes it easy to move around. The 82001 has three different speed settings, including a “breeze” setting. The breeze setting works quite nicely, and turns the fan on and off to simulate a natural breeze. The other speed options are decent, and the fan is not too noisy on the highest setting. This fan can oscillate too, and the fan rotates around 90 degrees when this setting is used. The 82001 has a built in timer, which can be set from 30 minutes up to 4 hours.

This timer works well on those very hot nights when you need to run the Aloha Breeze fan on a highest setting, but don’t want to leave it running all night. These settings are all controlled by the buttons on the top of the fan. The setting choices are then illuminated on the leds on the front of the fan, which correspond with each setting. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that using leds instead of a lcd screen is another dated concept according to us, but we feel like we are starting to repeat ourselves at this point.
Also included is a remote control for the fan, which has all the setting buttons. This is easy to work, and the fan happily intercepted these button presses from a good 12 feet away.

Are there any problems with it?

As far as we know there aren’t any major issues with the Aloha Breeze fan, but there are certainly some minor annoyances. As mentioned above the base is a little wobbly, although not quite enough to make it unsafe to use. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tighten it up any further, but this is a relatively small complaint. The other issue worth discussing is how to clean the fan, which is a little tedious to do. To do this involves removing a number of screws and covers, which takes a few minutes at a time.

Newer models make this whole process a lot easier, with many models featuring a front cover which simply clips on and off for easy cleaning. If you live in a dusty environment then this may be a bit of a deal breaker for you. But if you don’t mind spending a couple of minutes to clean it every few months, then this likely won’t bother you too much.

Aloha Breeze Tower Fan Manual

You can find a link to the user manual over here


So is this Aloha Breeze Tower Fan still a good purchase if you can find one at a discounted price? If you don’t mind the outdated design and the slight hassle of cleaning it, then yes it will still do a decent job. However, if you are looking for a tower fan that will look good in a modern setting, then you should be looking elsewhere. This model comes with a 1 year warranty.
If you want to find out more about it, you can head over to the Amazon product page which has detailed info, and a number of user reviews to read through.

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