Bagel Slicers

Bagel Slicers

Bagels have become very popular in America over the past few decades, and it is quite rare to find someone who actually dislikes them in this day and age. For those of you who need their daily bagel fix (ourselves included), there is always the challenging aspect of cutting the bagel correctly. It is quite easy to cut yourself if you aren’t too careful, and one little slip can end up with you needing some stitches. Or perhaps you have an elderly relative who likes bagels, who struggles a bit with this task. Luckily there are ways to make this job a little easier thanks to bagel slicers, and today we are going to look at some of the more popular models you will find for sale. Are they an effective tool to slice your bagels, or a waste of time? Let’s try to answer that below.


There are a number of different options if you want an easier and faster way to cut your bagels. Most of these products cost in the $5 to $20 range. In this article are going to have a look at three different products from the lower end to the higher end of this pricing bracket to see if any of them will do an acceptable job. All three of these products are different designs, and some of these products have a few cheaper cloned competitors. If you do decide to buy one of the cheaper knockoffs, then make sure you read a few reviews to make sure they are as good as the original product.
Now let’s have a look at some of the different options you have.

Norpro Bagel Holder

First up we have the Norpro bagel holder, which is the cheapest option with a retail price of around $6.99. This product is a clear plastic rectangular box, which is open at the top end. A thin slit runs through the center of the box to the bottom, which is large enough for a knife blade to pass along. The idea is you pop your bagel into the box, then use the knife to slice it down the center. It is a good idea, but there are a number of problems with this particular design. For starters, the box is quite small and your average sized bagel has to be squashed a bit to fit in there. You can forget about fitting a decent sized bagel in there, as it is simply too small to accommodate them. The problems don’t end there unfortunately, as the plastic itself is quite thin. This means that it flexes quite a bit, and it feels like it could fall apart at any moment. When you are slicing the bagel it tends to flex a bit unless you try and squeeze it together with your free hand, which makes it less safe than simply slicing the bagel using a knife! A steel knife also tends to catch on the plastic, which will end up dulling the blade over time. A plastic serrated knife would probably would better with this product, but based on the other issues with this product it would not be worth investing in a plastic knife specifically to use with this.There have been many reports of these models cracking after the first use, which is very believable based on how thin and brittle the plastic is. There are a number of different companies selling this same basic design which comes from China, so be wary of similar products. The products design is good in theory, but very poorly executed in this particular case. If the plastic was thicker, and the the bagel box was larger then this could be a decent option. However it is what it is, and for that reason we would strongly suggest you steer clear of this particular model. But don’t take our word for it though, as there are quite a few unhappy user reviews on Amazon talking about how poorly made this is.

Tablecraft Bagel Cutter

Now we move onto our second option, which is the Tablecraft bagel cutter. This model is a little pricier at around $10, but it is still quite affordable. This is a fairly simple bagel slicer design, and it is quite safety orientated. The nonslip handle is large and easy to grip, and the two plastic sides which cover the knife blade ensure that you will never come into contact with the blade. The ends of the plastic sides are sloped and bent inwards near the end of the blade, and these catch onto the center of the bagel ring to hold it in place. The steel blade is serrated and very sharp, and manages to cut both soft and hard bagels quite easily. The blade is not removable for sharpening unfortunately, but we have had reports of this model remaining sharp even after long periods of use. We should also mention that this model is dishwasher friendly.
This model is definitely more promising than the box design we looked at above, and is certainly a safer option than using a knife alone. With a retail price of only $10, this seems like a solid choice. You can find out more about it over on the Amazon product page.

Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer

And finally we have left the best for last, as we come to the Hoan Bagel Guillotine slicer. This model is the priciest of the bunch with a retail cost of around $20, but it is the most popular bagel slicer model currently available. This model comes in three color choices of white, red, and silver (pictured). This model comes in two parts including the base, and the top section which has a large downward pointing serrated blade. It’s very simple to use, and all you do is pop your bagel into the base unit, then put on the top unit and push it down using the handle. Then take out the sliced bagel and enjoy! The top section which houses the blade is protected on either side by acrylic plastic, so your hands will never come into contact with the blade. It can also slice rolls, buns and muffins which is quite handy. Once done, you can pop it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
Now after reading our review of the Norpro slicer, you may be worried about some of the potential faults with this model. However there are some key differences between these two products. For starters the bottom unit has a wide base and is quite solid, therefore it does not move around or flex at all while you are using it. This model has a much more rigid build to it, and it feels very sturdy. The bottom case is also much larger than the Norpro, and can accommodate decent sized bagels without an problems.
This would be our first choice, although it is a little pricey. However if you think you can get a lot of use out of it, then it is a fine choice. With over seven hundred and fifty 5-star user reviews on Amazon, we aren’t the only ones with this opinion. You can check the current pricing and read some of those user reviews over on Amazon.


So there you have three different models to consider. We can’t recommend the bagel box style models, due to the obvious design flaws. The Tablecraft model is quite decent, and is hard to fault at $10. And the Bagel Guillotine is our pick of the bunch, although it is a little pricey at around $20. Both the Tablecraft and Hoan models should serve you well, and give you a safe bagel slicing experience for many years.

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