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Outdoor Laser Light Show Projectors

In recent years, outdoor laser light show projectors have grown greatly in popularity, with a huge range of different lighting systems now on offer. The latest and greatest fad is to use an outdoor laser lights system to give your garden a unique glowing and warm effect.  In this article we are going to look at two different affordable outdoor systems, which will help to enhance any garden.

One such outdoor light projector that has become quite highly sought after is the Blisslights Spright Lights system. The Spright Lights is one of the best sellers in this product range, and we are going to have a closer look at it now. After that, we are also going to take a look at one of the competitor products to see how they compare. So which one is best for you? Find out below.

Blisslights Spright OutDoor Laser Projector

Blisslights Spright OutDoor Laser Projector BoxBlisslights make a variety of different lighting products such as stage lights, but their Spright lights have dwarfed all their other products in demand since their release around 2011. They have even spawned a few clone products, but we are going to be taking a look at the original first. The original Spright light product retails for around $60, and that gets you one single light. However, the single light can replace up to four average sized landscape lights, as it covers an area of around 30 feet x 30 feet. The laser green color choice is one of their best sellers, as it gives off a fantastic firefly effect. You will also find this model available in blue and red, with the blue strangely costing a little bit more. Blisslights Spright Green ModelThese models come with a lamp that has a 7000 hour lifespan, which means it should last you about 5 years if the lights are used for 3 hours each day.

These Blisslights Spright lights are designed to operate throughout the year, although it does state the have an operating temperature range of -15 to 90F. We have read reports that these outdoor light projector units have survived being buried under snowfall, but it’s probably better if you mount them above the ground if you live in an area with particularly colder winters that are prone to a large amount of snow.

So are there any issues with these outdoor laser light show projectors? We have read that some of these models are susceptible to water damage at the rear where the power cable enters the housing. There are two quick and easy fixes for this which are to either tighten it up a little in this area if there is some play, or alternatively used a little silicone sealant around the edge to achieve a better seal. There have also been some users reporting that the stake has snapped when it is removed from the ground. Blisslights sell replacement stakes though, which can be easily re-attached for $5. Aside from that it seems like most people are very pleased with the Firefly style light projector. As with most of of product write-ups, we recommend you read some user reviews so you can get a good idea of the quality for yourself. You can take a look at some of those over on the Amazon product page.

B-right Static Sparkling Landscape Laser Light

B-Right Sparkling Landscape Projector LightNow let’s take a look at one of the competitor outdoor laser lights. One of the more popular alternative choices is the B-Right Static Sparkling Landscape Projector Light. This model is roughly half the price of the Blisslights model at around $50 for the static model, but there is also a moving dynamic model which only costs around $10 more. Now before you rush out and grab one of these, there are a few key differences to mention. The first is the build quality, which is really good on these.

The stalk and entire housing unit is made out of metal, and the lens area is covered in glass. The entire unit feels very solid and well made compared to the Blisslights which does feel a little flimsy. Both the static and dynamic models come with two colors of red and green. When using these lights, you have the option of having red lights, green lights, or a combination of the two. You can also set them to flash with the static model, while the dynamic models gives you a variety of flashing and moving light options which greatly enhances the flexibly of the unit.

Both of these models are controlled via a remote, which is very handy. There are also various timer options you can set with this unit, including 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours. The unit will switch off for the other remainder of the 24 hour cycle. The power cord included is quite long, at around 25 feet with the included adapter. The only downside we can see to this unit is that it only covers a 25 feet x 25 feet area, which is a little smaller than the Blisslights models. However, with the price of these models you can essentially get two of them for almost the same price of a Blisslights model, and cover a much larger area that way. This model offers great value for money, and is certainly worth a look. You can check the current pricing and read some of the many user reviews over on Amazon.


So which of these outdoor laser light show projector units are best for you? It is all down to personal preference really. There are a few other competitor products out there, but the B-Right is definitely the top choice from what we have seen. Some of the other competitor products are even more expensive than the Blisslights model with the same features, so not really worth mentioning.  In our opinion it seems like the B-Right models offer a much better choice due to the tougher build quality, and of course the inclusion of a remote to control them.

The affordable price is also another positive in our eyes, and the ability to move and alternate colors really adds a nice touch. With so many positive reviews it seems like this is the model to go for. It is quite rare for a “clone” product to be better than the product it is mimicking, but it this seems to be the case this time around.
However both of these models are decent enough choices if you want to add that special look to your garden. Make sure you read some user reviews first, and you will hopefully end up with a stylish new look for your property!

Important 2020 Update

Given that this article is a bit out of date now, we should point out that our initial impressions of the B-Right lights were wrong. They are not as good as we thought, and this is reflected in some of the user reviews as seen on Amazon. So we are leaving the original article in place, with this footnote at the bottom. Going with the original and trusted Blisslights may now be the best choice, even if they do cost a little more.

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