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Toothless Plush Toys – Our Top Choices

This article is dedicated to the lovable dragon Toothless, who stars in the well known book series, and the Hollywood feature film “How To Train Your Dragon”. In this post we will talk about the fearless dragon, and looking at some of the best Toothless plush toys you will find.
In July 2013, a long awaited sequel to the first movie was revealed to be in production. After reading that news, we knew that we had to get everyone up to date, and to make sure that fans old and new could get all the latest info!

To start off though, we will be talking about Toothless, and how exactly he came about being in the movie. After that we will check out some great Toothless related merchandise that is currently available online, so you can skip right onto that section below if you like.

Who is Toothless the Dragon?

Toothless the DragonNow some of you may have kids or grandkids who keep going on about the Toothless Dragon, and you may be wondering who he is. Or your friends might have mentioned him before, but you have never seen the movie so you didn’t quite understand all the fuss. Toothless is one of the stars of the 2010 movie “How To Train Your Dragon”. The basic plot of the movie revolves around a boy named Hiccup. Hiccup is a young teenager who lives in a Viking village, and is the son of the leader of the village. This Viking village is frequently attacked by dragons, and every young boy is trained to fight these dragons in order to protect the village. Hiccup is your typical misfit, who is somewhat small, and not really the fighting type.

When it comes time for him to defend the village against a dragon attack, he uses his own weapon to try and stop the dragons. Having thought he failed to catch any dragons after that battle, he later discovers that he has wounded one, which is now stuck in a small valley near his home. The particular dragon he has wounded is known as a “Night Fury”, which is considered to be the most rare and intelligent dragon of all. It turns out he has injured the dragons tail fin, which meant the dragon could no longer fly.

Feeling pity, and ashamed of what he has done, he can not bring himself to kill this majestic creature. Instead he decides to start feeding the dragon, and the two develop an unlikely bond. Their friendship soon grows, and Hiccup names the dragon Toothless, a reference to his retractable teeth! As the movie goes along, Hiccup discovers that the dragons are very misunderstood, and that they both have a common enemy which is the cause of both their problems. Hiccup also manages to make a tail fin adapter, which he attaches to the Toothless dragon to help him learn to fly again. The tail fin adapter is controlled by Hiccup while he is riding on the back of Toothless, which is quite a sight! I think we will leave it there, so we don’t ruin the entire movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!

It is safe to say that it is a fantastic movie as it was nominated for two Oscars. One Oscar was for best animated film of the year, and the other was for the fantastic soundtrack. It has also received 19 other awards in total, and was nominated for a further 32 other awards. So if you haven’t seen the film yet, what are you waiting for? Go and rent it right now, or head over to Amazon and get the bluray or dvd collection!

Some awesome Toothless Dragon toys!
So now that you have some idea of who Toothless really is, lets have a look at some of the great products we have found on the web which involve our favorite dragon!

Toothless Dragon Plush Toy

Toothless Dragon Plush ToyThe first product we think is worth a mention is the Toothless Dragon Toy. This is a pose-able toy, so not really designed for cuddles! This means there is wire to hold the wings in that particular pose. It is roughly 7″ in size, so it will appear to be a little bigger than it seems in the photo. This is one of the few Toothless Dragon Plush toys you can get for sale online, and it is fairly reasonably priced at a little over $10.

The pose you see in the photo makes little Toothless seem quite fearsome at first, but the toy looks much more gentle in real life! You can find this toy for sale on Amazon, and it is definitely a cheap and easy way to please any Toothless fanatic without spending a fortune!

2021 Update:
This toy is unfortunately no longer being sold, so we have removed the link above. We would recommend taking a look at the 14″ Deluxe Plush Dragon instead on Amazon.

Squeeze and Growl Toothless Plush Toy

Squeeze and Growl Toothless Plush ToyNow if you are looking for something that can be cuddled, then this toy is a bit more promising! This toy is know as a Squeeze and Growl Toy. This version of the toy stands at 11″ tall, and is very soft and cuddly. When you squeeze him, he will make a sound just like the real Toothless! This toys runs off batteries, and these are included. And if you get tired of hearing Toothless, the batteries are quite easy to remove. This Toothless dragon toy is priced a little over $20, and you can see it for sale on Amazon over here.

2021 Update: It has come to our attention that the price of this Toothless Plush Toy has shot up recently, though we aren’t quite sure why. It now seems to be priced at around $60, which seems a little ridiculous for a toy! If you look at this product on Amazon, make sure you double check the price before making a purchase! We cannot recommend it at the new price unfortunately, so we have disabled the link above. It may be worth looking at the similar 10″ Night Fury Twin Toy pack on Amazon, which comes with both the Dark & Light Fury dragons in a 10 inch size.

Night Fury Cushion & Pillow

Night Fury Cushion & PillowLastly we have something a little different – the Night Fury Cushion & Pillow. This costs a little over $20, and is a great fit for any room of the house. It is very soft, and measures 15″ x 11″ x 4″. As you can see in the picture on the right, the four corners have paws on them. These corners can be folded inwards, and the entire cushion can be raised which makes it like Toothless is standing up! The exterior of the cushion is washable, but we should mention that it can not be washed in a machine as that will damage the finish and coloring.

You can see the cushion over here on Amazon, otherwise this cushion is also sold bundled with the pose-able plush toy above, so that might save you a bit of cash if you are interested in both these Toothless Dragon Plush toys. That particular bundle can be viewed over here.

2021 Update:
It looks like the pillow is no longer sold on it’s own, so we have removed the link to it. You can still buy the bundle listed above.

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