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Turkish Coffee Grinders – An Overview

All of us enjoy a good cup of coffee, and some of you out there may like some of the more exotic varieties of coffee from around the world. One such coffee variety that has risen greatly in popularity in recent years is Turkish style coffee. This kind of coffee has been made in a certain way in Turkey for hundreds of years, but making it that way in your home is a bit tricky, unless you have the right tools. This is where a Turkish coffee grinder comes in handy.
Today we are going to be looking at some of the more popular models you can buy to help you make this drink at home. We are also going to be talking about the best ways to make the coffee, and of course explaining exactly what it is for those of you who have been wanting to try it! You can skip onto the recommended models using the links below if you are simply looking for a suitable grinder.

What makes Turkish coffee different?

Brass Coffee GrinderOk, so your friends or relatives have been hassling you to try out this fantastic new kind of coffee. They call it “Turkish coffee”, which you’ve never heard of. But what exactly is it, and why is it so highly rated? Let’s start off by claryfing that this kind of coffee is made using ordinary coffee beans, there is nothing different about them in any way. It is however made in a very different manner than ordinary coffee. This leads to a different tasting end product which many people have grown to love.

The main difference is that this kind of coffee requires a very finely ground bean, so fine in fact that you need a special kind of coffee grinder to make it. This is where a Turkish coffee grinder comes in. Most traditional coffee grinders you buy in the United States cannot grind the coffee beans finely enough to make this kind of coffee. However, we have listed some in the recommended models section below, which you can buy in the USA.

How do you grind Turkish coffee at home?

Very finely ground beansThe first step is get hold of a suitable model that can do this. Traditionally, brass style grinders are used to produce this very fine grade of coffee. These are called pepper mills, but don’t let the name fool you as they are also designed for grinding coffee. If you can think of how finely ground pepper is, this is how fine the coffee beans must be ground to make the ideal cup of Turkish style coffee. They often offer a range of different grinding grades, and most tend to retail for around $60 or so. We should point out that these models are all hand operated.

However, it is also worth mentioning that there are a few electric coffee grinders that can grind the bean quite finely. They are quite rare though, but we will have a look at one below.

How is Turkish coffee made?

Making Turkish CoffeeThere are a few different ways to make this kind of coffee, so we are going to stick with what we know. Ideally you should be using an Ibrik, which is a narrow copper pot which has a wide base and a thin spout. Firstly you need to add some water to the pot, and heat it up. Once the water has warmed up a little, you can add in your coffee. After this you should add in any sugar, but you must take care not to stir it in, but rather let it dissolve naturally as the water heats up. Once the sugar is fully dissolved, you can start stirring the mix. Don’t stir it too much, a handful of times around the pot should do the trick. After that you should turn the heat down a little, and let the mix begin to foam. A small ring of bubbles will begin to form, and you should turn down the heat a little more at this point. Take care to not let the mix boil, as this can lead to the whole batch being ruined!

At this point you should try and maintain a constant heat, to ensure the foam stays on top. You can carefully stir the mixture to encourage the foam production if it seems a little sparse. You don’t want to get to the point where the foam is spilling over the sides of the pot though. If it reaches this point, turn down the heat and let it cool a bit before returning it to the heat. Some people actually make the coffee by boiling it this way and taking it off the heat, then returning it to boil a few times. It is hotly debated as to whether or not this is the correct way to do it though!
Sticking to the way we have been taught, keep an eye out for when the texture becomes darker as this tells you it is ready. Be sure to spoon the foam out first, then pour the remainder on top. Next step is to enjoy the coffee!

So that is how it is made. It does sound a little complicated at first, but it is actually really simple once you have done it. Now let’s take a look at some of the best turkish coffee grinder models you can buy locally that will allow you to make this kind of coffee.

Manual Grinder – Pepper Mill Imports 8″ Brass

Pepper Mill Imports 8 Inch Brass ModelIf you are looking for a very traditional model to grind your beans, the Pepper Mill Imports 8″ Brass model is worth checking out. The all brass body looks fantastic in any kitchen, and is certainly very stylish while still retaining that traditional look. This Turkish grinder model is hand made in Greece, and has a steel grinding mechanism which is made to last. It has an adjustable grinder which varies from coarse to fine.

The bottom is flanged for stability, and it has an all metal body. This model retails for around $55, so it is quite affordable. We should note that Pepper Mill Imports make a variety of other very similar models including chrome, brass, brass & copper, and different sizes. The 8″ brass model is the most popular one they sell, but it is definitely worth checking out their full range on Amazon as they are all fairly highly rated.

Electric Grinder – Caspresso Infinity Grinder

Caspresso Infinity 560.01 GrinderIf you think an electric machine might be best for you, be sure to take a look at the Caspresso Infinity 560.01 grinder. This model has a 100watt burr grinder, which features 16 different grinder settings. The lowest setting is specifically to make finely ground coffee for use in Turkish coffee. This is one of the few machines that does this, so this is quite a unique feature.

There are a few other features worth mentioning, such as the conical steel burrs which are commercial grade, so they should withstand many years of use. The see through bean container holds a generous 8.8 oz. of beans, and there is a built in timer which can be set from 5 – 60 seconds.The exterior is made out of zinc die-cast housing, which looks great and is easy to clean.This model retails for around $90, so it is definitely worth a look as the 16 different grind settings allow you to make a range of different coffees aside from the Turkish style.
You can find out more about this model and read some of the many happy user reviews on the Amazon product page.


So that is a brief look at what Turkish coffee is, and how you make it. We’ve also had a look at two suitable Turkish coffee grinder models, which can be bought locally to give you the option of making this kind of coffee in your own home. Remember that there are a few different ways to make it, so perhaps experiment and see what works to give you the best tasting coffee.

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