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Boneco 7147 Humidifier – The Premium Choice

If you are in the market for a high quality premium humidifier that is designed to last many years, then you will find a few available on the market. One such popular choice is the Boneco 7147 Humidifier. With a retail price of just under $170 this is a humidifier designed to work hard, and provide many years of use. So is it worth spending so much on this product? Let’s find out below.

Design & Operation

First up let’s begin by taking a look at the design of the unit. This model comes in either a white or dark model. The base of the unit is a sleek color, including the nozzle at the top. The lcd screen is in the middle of the base, with 3 buttons either side of it to control the operation of the machine. The lcd displays the basic info and settings that are currently selected, and shows you the current humidity level of the room. The buttons are all surface touch buttons which are responsive and easy to operate.

There are two nozzles at the top of the machine and they can both be rotated and put in whatever direction you desire. One can face forward while the other faces backwards for example, and this provides a good means to ensure even mist distribution across the room. Overall the design of the machine is very modern and sleek, and it certainly looks a lot more modern and advanced than many of the cheaper models available on the market!

Product Features

The Boneco 7147 humidifier is a combination style model, meaning it is a warm and cool mist humidifier. This is a great feature which explains the higher price, although we should mention that the warm mist is not quite as hot as the mist that comes out of a vaporizer. However, the water is heated enough to ensure that the mist doesn’t cool down the room temperature in winter time. The built in timer can be set to run between 1 – 8 hours, or you can set the machine to run constantly.

There are a variety of other settings to play around with. You can set the mist output manually if you want – this can be set to low, medium or high. Otherwise you can leave it set on auto mode. This will analyse the current temperature and humidity of the room and set the output to the ideal temperature. You can even set your desired humidity level if you want, so as you can see there are a few different options to experiment with. There is also a sleep mode, which aims to create a comfortable sleeping environment. This model can humidify rooms up to 600 square feet which is quite a bit more than some of the cheaper humidifier alternatives.

This unit has a filter which may need to be replaced every few months depending on how you choose to use the machine. If you plan to use distilled water then there is no real need to worry about replacing this on a regular basis. If you stick to using normal tap water, then you will probably need to look at replacing this a few times a year. Also included with this machine are demineralization cartridges which are needed if your area has hard water. These also need to be replaced every two months ago, but again you won’t need to worry if you have soft water.

One downside to this machine is that filling it is a little awkward. Like most humidifiers it needs to be flipped upside down in order to be filled, however the base of the unit sits in a pool of water so when you remove the tank it can create a bit of a mess if you aren’t too careful. Once you get the hang of it it shouldn’t be a problem, but we can’t help but feel that Boneco could have made a slightly less hassle free design in this area! Once the tank has been filled and in place, the unit works very well. The high setting creates a big flow of steam which will leave the surrounding area damp if left for a few hours. Auto mode seems to create a good compromise, and you will likely get the best results on this mode. The tank has a capacity of just over a gallon, so you are looking at a running time of around 16 hours on the medium setting for example.

So that is a rough summary of what you can expect from the Boneco Ultrasonic humidifier. It does seem quite pricey compared to the cheaper models, but this is what you should expect to pay if you are looking for an advanced long lasting humidifier. It comes standard with a one year warranty.



  • Lovely modern design
  • Cool and warm mist humidifier
  • Rotating nozzles
  • Many settings to pick from
  • Can humidify large areas


  • Pricey
  • Little awkward to fill at first

Boneco Humidifier Manual

If you are in search of the owners manual for the Boneco Humidifier 7147 model, you can find if hosted on our site right here.


With a price tag of almost $170, the 7147 model is quite a pricey machine, however it does come with a variety of great features which justifies the price. If you are looking for a quality humidifier, then this one is certainly worth a look. You can check the current pricing and read some user reviews over on the Amazon product page.


2020 Update:

This is a quick note to say that Air-O-Swiss as a company no longer exists. Air-O-Swiss was initially introduced to the USA market in 2001 by their parent company Boneco. The parent company Boneco have now decided to unite all their brands under the original Boneco brand, so all Air-O-Swiss models are now sold as “Boneco” products. This means the production quality and price are still the same, the only thing to change is the logo on the models and packaging. Therefore this model is no longer known as the Air O Swiss 7147 unit. We have updated this article to reflect this change.

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